Dan Lipton sums up his musical journey succinctly, saying “I caught my stride in Atlanta, lost it in Brooklyn while recalibrating my songwriting to fit a less country-oriented audience, and then found my style again in DC.” Lipton began self-recording his 2016 release, Breathing In, along the way, with the bulk of the material tracked out in rented cabins from Maine to Virginia.

In the wake of its release in 2016, Breathing In was covered by Huffington Post, hailed as “beautifully powerful” by Groundsounds and called a “sun-dappled, grass between the toes, slice of comfort” by Bearded Magazine. Many outlets also took note of Dan’s journeyman approach to his songwriting and he was lauded as “A master in his own field” by Famous Last Words. More than anything, the album seemed to provide a healing balm for those experiencing the transitory nature of modern living.

“It’s collection of songs that seeks meaning in the everyday experiences of urban existence and getting older.” Lipton reflects. “I wanted to capture some measure of anticipation with no real resolution, which is why the album is called Breathing In.”