“Mix Tapes” smolders with the warming crackle of nostalgia. Immersed in folk-rock tradition, Lipton stages a rather vibrant scene. ” - Jason Scott

American Songwriter

It's hard not to get lost in the song's steady beat, Dan Lipton's finger-picked guitar and his reminiscing about serendipitous road-tripping while one foot hangs out the passenger side window.” - Gark Mavigan


Overall, Lipton has produced a record that builds on the foundations of his warm spirit and exceptional talent. ” - Clementine Lloyd

Bearded Magainze

Lipton’s rustic arrangements are all at once contemporary and powerful, yet steadily indicative of other masters of the singer-songwriting genre. His raspy quiver recalls Ray LaMontagne while the agile break in his voice conjures up the late Jeff Buckley.” - MIKE OLINGER

The Vinyl District

A modern day folk artist that has drawn inspiration from a lot of great folk storytellers to make his album whimsical, homey and modern, as if audibly hanging up backyard twinkle lights.” - Bridget Fitzgerald

Huffington Post

The spirit of the American nomadic folk poet is alive and well in 2016. With the range of digital distractions drawing your eyes every which way while locking your body at rest, it’s comforting to know there are still artists out there who will chase a more traditional sort of muse beyond instant gratification”